Front End: Wetcleaning

The Lagoon Wet Clean System uses water as a solvent. These machines are specifically designed in Sweden as a safe, green alternative to Drycleaners and solvent.
Wet Clean machines use specific temperatures, detergents, conditioners and mechanical action for each type of fabric. The moisture is removed from the garment in a dyer that uses a gentle vacuum and low heat. The system is replacing most Drycleaners throughout Europe and South America due to environmental concerns and Drycleaner Solvents.

The Lagoon Wet Cleaning system is the first to be approved by Woolmark as an alternative to Drycleaning for garments with a Dryclean-only symbol.

Wetcleaning is actually gentler on clothes than Drycleaning!

We also do wash and fold at 3.00/lb. When Rodeo season is on, bring your Wranglers in for a starching! Remember to ask about our platinum plan for our Esteemed customers.