3 Terrible Things You Never Have To Do Again


Fort St John is home to some of the hardest working young people in the province. In addition to working and playing as hard as any of our neighbors from the southern part of the province, we have to make time for things in our schedule they’ve never even dreamed of.

Like using our credit cards to scrape ice from our windshields. Burrowing through snowdrifts in the dark hours of early morning just so we can get to work. Being woken up by friends at 2:00 a.m. because we just, “have to see the northern lights!”

Which is why we are happy to let you know there are three things you no longer have to do.

1) Spending Evenings and Weekends in Laundromats

Laundromats are the barren wasteland of modern culture. Landscapes where tumbling spin cycles are the soundtrack for lonely souls who are forced to sit under flickering fluorescent lights guarding their machines to make sure no one steals their clothes.

This is one terrible thing you never have to do again.

2) Scrambling Around Searching for Loose Change.

No one has change anymore. But suddenly you need twenty bucks worth of non sequential coins, which is how you find yourself on your hands and knees pulling the couch apart, trying to remember what a Loonie even looks like. Rooting around under the seats in your car, rummaging through every pocket and article of clothing on the floor in your room, hoping you can scrape together enough for just one load so you can have clean underwear for work in the morning.

This is another terrible thing you never have to do again.

3) Awkward Moments With Awkward Tenants

It’s bad enough you have to run through the hallway in your apartment building holding your breath so you don’t breath in the combination of dirty socks, curry and engine oil. But it’s downright awful when you’ve run the gauntlet only to find the washer and drying are already in use and you’re all alone with the creepiest tenant in the building trying to make small talk.

This is one more terrible thing you never have to do again.

A growing number of hard working young ‘Johners’ simply don’t have time or energy to deal with any of this. And the good news is…you don’t have to. Here’s why.

Your friends at Esteem Cleaners felt your pain and designed a custom laundry service just for you. Now all you have to do is throw your laundry in a bag or bin and drop it off on your way to work. You can swing by and pick it up on your way home, cleaned, dried and folded. We’ll iron anything you want ironed. Want your pants starched? Done. It’s a fully customized professional laundry service.

Sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it. Give us a call (250) 787 – 7130 or just swing by and drop off your first load. This winter there are at least three terrible things you don’t have to do.